This blog is the English version of the Spanish page El Blog del Oso Solitario, a project that I commenced almost eight years ago. After over 200 articles I feel it is time the Bear is available to a wider public. I'll translate into English only some of the new entries, however, as well as a selection of the former ones that I feel are still of interest. If you read Spanish you can visit the original blog in the link provided.

Hopefully I'll post articles every two weeks. As English is not my native language I apologize for any grammatical errors, improper use of words or less than perfect writing style. Nevertheless I feel I'll be able to convey to the reader the meaning of what I intend to say.

Please feel free to comment. As subjects treated are highly polemic I understand both friendly and heavily unfriendly comments are to be expected. What I'll not allow are trolls and low level quarreling.

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