Saturday, 5 March 2016


When I’m writing this article, the second attempt to outlaw patriotic party NPD is under way. This attack on German people is part of the war the governments in Europe are waging against their own people, but the choice of timing has much to do with the current situation, which is quite delicate for them and for us all; we are living one of those moments in history when destiny is decided.

Indeed, the invasion of illegal immigrants continues and gathers momentum, disguised as a massive flood of refugees. Slowly, far too slowly, some Europeans begin to comprehend what is happening, taking position against it, awakening from the poisonous collective hypnosis that has been forced upon them by the evil sect that hates Europe and wants to destroy it.

Indeed these enemies of Europe do exist, they give orders to most European governments and control mass media. Not only they exist but they plan and actuate the destruction of Europe, through both social degeneracy and demographic invasion aimed to ethnic substitution of native Europeans. This doesn’t mean that if all of them were removed at once (though it would certainly be an excellent prophylaxis) the problem would disappear: disparities in wealth and demography, wars and terrorism and chaos supported by the criminal politics of Israel, United States and their puppet “allies”, all of it necessarily generates a very strong immigration pressure on Europe in any case. But besides it a deliberate support for invasion do exist and, most important, a systematic treachery scheme against European peoples from within. In this manner, the immigration pressure becomes mass immigration, uncontrolled, because the political will necessary to contain it is lacking.

Nevertheless, there is a certain Europe that wants to defend itself; some begin to organize themselves, some others just commence the awakening from the poisoned sleep. Obviously they are the best part of the European peoples; the one that still feels, at least, a sparkle of love and pride for their land and culture; the one that still has a hard core of good, basic common sense that allows them to see reality, in the middle of a toxic fog made of systematic deceit and disinformation.

Unfortunately a large number of Europeans, too many, are lost forever. I’m not referring to the despicable scum that consciously hate Europe, the ones who want that its people and tradition disappear form history: they, are the enemy. I refer to the countless numbers of people so poisoned within that they are beyond recovery: victims of intellectual terrorism and mental toxins of antiracism, egalitarianism, and all the other all the ideological rubbish of Cultural Marxism; the poor victims of brainwashing, full of guilt complexes for being Europeans and White people. Many are lost forever, their minds so ruined they are useless for anything. Except perhaps transmit their genetic patrimony, but not even this they are able or willing to do, if we consider the weak demography of native Europeans.

Nevertheless detoxification is still possible, for many; for many more the poison has not really penetrated in depth; the mind-poisoners have succeeded, maybe, in confusing and intimidating them, conceal to them the truth; but they have kept themselves healthy in their inner soul. In various degrees of lucidity and consciousness, the core of Europeans still decent and valid begins to move. Patriotic parties are growing, new political movements appear, as well as citizen self-defense groups; all these are realities that truly represent the peoples of Europe that refuse to die and disappear from History.

This kind of awakening is precisely what the powers governing Europe want to suffocate: parties like NPD or National Front in France, popular movements like Pegida, any shadow of genuine political opposition to the infamous scheme. When the fraudulent system shows signs of collapse, when it becomes increasingly clear the systematic deceit that speaks of plurality and democracy, when we have instead a single party with several factions and cliques, then all the artillery batteries of the fake democracy concentrate their fire: demonization and disinformation, outlawing of parties, school propaganda and brainwashing of children.

This system is a liberty-killing scheme under the flag of democracy, because the goal is to suppress the genuine political liberty, while the population (the enemy within) distracts itself with stupid, insignificant or harmful liberties, as a donkey follows the carrot set up in front of it.

Genuine political liberty is not voting one or another of the clowns and nice faces put in front of TV cameras by the real masters, but to organize and mobilize for an ideal and a goal, as European patriots are beginning to do, refusing to play with the loaded dice of the false democracy, that is no more than a network of organized cliques, repugnant nest for opportunists and traitors to Europe.

This is the only real liberty in a political level, the one that the sect of Europe haters wants to kill, so that when European peoples finally realize it is too late. 

We must learn how to identify and fight the enemy, not only the second-rank ones that we see in power, but the infinitely more harmful ones, the real villains and the snake tongues who are intent to fill with rubbish our minds, and our sons’ minds.

Max Romano